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Health Inc newsletter on social exclusion/inclusion

This newsletter is an output of the Health Inc research project: Financing healthcare for inclusion – Socially inclusive healthcare financing in West Africa and India. Health Inc is a collaborative effort of LSE Health (London), ITM (Antwerp), TISS (Mumbai), IPH (Bangalore), ISSER (Accra) and CREPOS (Dakar), financed by the EC under FP7.
Part of Health Inc’s Work Package 1 ‘Capacity building and research network’ led by ITM, the newsletter offers a step-by-step package of support throughout the lifespan of the project (2011-2014). In each newsletter a specific (sub)topic is discussed and key references are provided. You can contact the editor at:

Health Inc NL1 16.07.2011
An introduction to the Health Inc research consortium, to the Health Inc newsletter, and a very first introduction to the concept of social exclusion. A quote of Bertrand Russell to complete, and an unidentified turtle on top.

Health Inc NL2 23.07.2011
An overview of the term social exclusion traveling South, and concrete examples from the Health Inc study countries: India, Ghana and Senegal. Food for thought from BR Ambedkar to conclude, and the turtle’s name revealed.

Health Inc NL3 03.08.2011
Discussing social inclusion, the twinned concept of social exclusion, with illustrations from Senegal, Ghana and India. Peru’s president is given the last word (actually his first); the turtle keeps quiet.