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Nov 2010: First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, Montreux
Seven young researchers from developing countries, coached by the Institute of Tropical Medicine, were chosen to deliver a presentation during the first Global Symposium on Health Systems Research. Moreover, three of them were asked to present at the general closing session of the symposium. A real honour, and a blitz start on the international scene for people who often face problems to be heard internationally.

Nov 2010: ITM 52nd Annual Colloquium Antwerp
Health Research towards Universal Coverage: Calling upon Emerging voices to make the difference

This event gave the floor to 52 emerging voices from the south, to give their opinion on how research can contribute to univeral coverage. The colloquium new style used innovative formats such as Pecha Kucha, Fishbowl and Mixer sessions. For an interactive report, visit the Colloquium website.

Workshop 'Health Systems and the challenge of organising care for Chronic Diseases'

Chronic Diseases in low and middle income countries are a theme of upcoming interest in international health. The emergence of chronic conditions has serious implications on those health systems, which face enormous challenges with respect to the organisation of care. This growing concern for providers, managers and policy makers in health systems of low and middle income countries starts to lead to responses of research intsitutes and other organisations at different levels. Yet, the body of knowledge and evidence on this theme is largely piecemeal and fragmented. The health systems network organises a workshop to bring people togeher who work on this theme. The aims of this workshop are to develop frameworks and methodologies for analysis, to share experiences and situation analysis from different contexts and to define an action agenda. The workshop was held 27-30 November and convened 33 participants from 18 organisations from North Africa (Moroc), Sub-Saharan Africa (Uganda, Congo, Ethiopia), Asia (India, Cambodia, Philippines), Latin America (Ecuador, Cuba, Venezuela) and Europe (Belgium, Switzerland). Reports of the workshop are placed on the website.